Ten Things we love about Fathers Day

  1. Every Daddy is special, and most love to be spoilt – this is the perfect chance to go overboard!
  2. Fathers are often under-valued and appreciated, having a special day like this helps the balance
  3. Fathers day varies around the world in terms of which day it falls on… and in this online information age, its been known for people to treat their Fathers twice in a year because of this!
  4. As well as lots of cheap tata, so many awesome gifts are promoted on the run up – we love things like personalised jewellery for men such as cufflinks, and also fingerprint jewellery for Daddies with young children
  5. Its in the early summer, so the good weather is often associated with Fathers day, which makes it extra nice
  6. It (should) give Dads a choice of how they want to spend that day – be that with the family, or playing golf with their mates!
  7. Its a perfect opportunity for Fathers to get their young children helping in the garden, with digging, growing, or even Hydroponics!
  8. Fathers day usually means a lie and breakfast in bed… yum!
  9. Daddies everywhere can enjoy a drink or two even before lunchtime!
  10. Finally, being a Dad rocks, and having a day that the kids call “this is your day Daddy” is totally wonderful

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