Marketing in the modern world

The ten types of Marketing that are most used in 2013 by businesses across the globe large and small:

These are the most important and expansive kinds of marketing – there are various other types that are almost sub-types of marketing

  1. Direct marketing – a form of marketing / advertising that is aimed directly at the individual customer. IN the past this was traditionally direct mail through your letter box with a ‘Personalised’ message offering a discounted product or service or perhaps free trial, that you are persuaded to follow up on with a phone number, website address, email address etc, that is tied to the direct marketing campaign.
  2. Experiential Marketing – arguably one of the more interesting and exciting types of marketing. Experiential Marketing campaigns are more than simply ‘events’ used for marketing purposes (as this is sometimes confused with event marketing), rather the aim is to allow consumers to actually experience the brand being marketed. This is in favour with businesses with large marketing budgets, and is less often used by SMEs. Some great examples can be seen on the BEcause Brand Experience Blog – the guys being one of the countries leading Experiential Marketing Agencies
  3. Guerrilla marketing – another sometimes exciting kind of marketing,  this is all about using low cost and highly unconventional techniques to provide brand exposure – common examples are Graffiti, Sticker Bombing, Flash Mobs or other similar approaches, which are used to convey or promote a product or idea.
  4. Internet Marketing: IM as its often abbreviated to covers all types of marketing that take place online – so Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click channels such as Google Adwords (Search Marketing), Marketing across various Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  Pinterest and countless others (Social Media  Marketing) as well as writing articles for distribution and syndication across articles directories and portals (Article Marketing)  and Press Release marketing – writing and distributing Press Releases online to news sites.
  5. Viral Marketing Often an online activity these days, but so vast and powerful its being listed in its own right. When something “goes viral” its spreads extremely fast and often uncontrollably much like a flu virus. Something such as a video can start on YouTube  and a few people share it across there Facebook friends and twitter followers, it captures the imagination, or really touches people – emotionally, comically or otherwise, such that they feel compelled to share it among their friends. An example from a few year ago is the ‘Charley Bit me’ video (just Google it) and more recently the sometimes hilarious Harlem Shuffle video that has thousands of copycat versions being uploaded with a couple of days. Viral campaigns are often set up by businesses that give the impressions of being nothing to do with the business, but a hook will be made after the event that links it to the business. The are not intended to be long lasting, rather aimed at becoming highly visibly in a very short time scale.
  6. Affiliate Marketing Another kind of marketing that is used primarily online, but is simply vast in the revenues generated from this style of marketing, from big business and individuals alike. Affiliate marketing involves having a Merchant and a Publisher (or affiliate. The merchant is the company with a product or service to promote, and the publisher is the party with access to a customer base – such as the followers of a popular blog. The publisher such as a blogger can run an adverts as an affiliate of Amazon for example, with links to relevant products for sale on Amazon. If a customer buys via this link, Amazon make a sale they may have otherwise not made, and the blogger gets a cut (often just 5-6%). Some digital only products pay out huge commissions to affiliates as there are little to no costs in stock control, delivery etc. So 75% commissions are common, and some people who know how to play the system can make healthy 6 figure incomes selling other peoples products via a network of websites/email lists.
  7. Tele-Marketing As the name suggests, this is a form of direct marketing that is all about calling consumers or businesses to sell them a product or service. Ofgten refered to as cold calling, not many people like to be on the receiving end of this type of marketing, though if done right it can provide a good return on investment
  8. Mobile Marketing With more people these days having a mobile phone than having a tooth brush, the market is bigger than any other. Mobile Marketing is a relatively new kind of marketing and includes sending text messages (SMS) to previous or new customers with offers, in-app or in-game adverts and banners, and location aware mobile web banners and pages. This type of marketing is growing rapidly as smart phones continue to become even more popular and in peoples hands or pockets for a large propertion of their waking hours. (and in some cases, non waking hours too!)
  9. Trade Show Marketing A more traditional form of marketing, often requiring a fair sized budget, but still popular as companies continue to enjoy the dual benefits of networking and seeing innovations in their industry.
  10. Promotional Marketing Finally, a popular strategy used by companies the world over for years, promotional marketing involves holding competitions or contests to win a prizes such as discount coupons, as well as offering product samples to consumers to allow them to experience the product before they buy. Often used to good effect with food/drink sampling in supermarkets and high streets, especially around lunchtime… thinking of which!